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Email Marketing: How to Maintain a High ‘Sender Score’

Even with all of the new self-serving advertising platforms out there, email remains one of the most effective ways to promote a product or service. Once you’ve collected a user’s email address, you can continue to send them marketing and promotional material. So instead of just generating a single saleRead More

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Lead Nurturing Tips to Increase Sales and Conversions

Just because you’ve acquired the contact information of a prospective customer or lead doesn’t necessarily mean they are ready to purchase your product or service. Prospects often need “nurturing” to ease them through the selling process. And by nurturing your leads, you’ll reap the benefits of more sales and increasedRead More

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Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business Online

Who says online marketing has to cost an arm and a leg? While there are plenty of high-priced advertising platforms available on the Internet, there are other, more budget-friendly ways to promote your business online. Create a Facebook Page Being that Facebook is the world’s most popular and widely usedRead More

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5 Tasks Every Business Owner Should Automate

Still conducting your normal business operations manually? Granted, there are certain tasks that must be done by hand, but there are others tasks which can be automated. Here are 5 tasks every business owner should automate: Social Media Posts Making regular posts is essential to maintaining a strong presence onRead More

Best Practices for Email Marketing

Use a Recognizable From Name Don’t underestimate the importance of using a recognizable “from name” in your marketing emails. This is the name that typically appears to the left of the subject line, making it the FIRST thing a recipient sees upon checking his or her email. If the recipientRead More

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How to Lower Your Refund Request Rate

Whether your business sells a physical or digital product, you are going to have customers who request a refund. In a perfect world, every customer would be happy with his or her order. But unfortunately this isn’t the case, as some will request a refund. So, how do you dealRead More

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Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Successfully marketing a small business is no easy task.  According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are more than 27 million small businesses operating in the United States. With such steep competition, it’s difficult for startups to make a name for themselves. So today we’re going to take aRead More

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Top Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

A report published by Bloomberg found that nearly 8 out of every 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months. That’s a pretty substantial amount, revealing just how hard it is to a turn a profit. While there’s no guarantee of success in any industry, you can give yourRead More

How To Market Your Small Business on Facebook

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are more than 28 million small businesses operating in the United States. With so much competition, many entrepreneurs struggle to acquire customers. And without customers, you simply won’t be able to succeed, regardless of you business’s niche/vertical. The good news is thatRead More