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How to Nurture Your List of Subscribers

Email remains one of the most effective platforms on which to promote a product, service or brand. Each day, more than 100 billion emails are sent and received, many of which consist of advertisements. But if you’re going to use email for commercial purposes, you’ll need to nurture your subscribersRead More


Tips to Avoid Getting Your Emails Marked as Spam

According to a study conducted by the cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Labs, more than 70% of email consists of spam. It’s frustrating when your inbox becomes riddled with unsolicited commercial messages, which is why many email providers have implemented spam filters. These filters are designed to automatically catch the majority ofRead More

Creating CAN-SPAM Compliant Emails in Infusionsoft

If you plan on using Infusionsoft for your business’s email marketing needs, you’ll want to make sure all messages are complaint with the CAN-SPAM Act. So, what is the CAN-SPAM Act and how to ensure your emails are complaint with it? It’s basically a law that outlines specific rules emailRead More