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Ways to Improve the CTR of Organic Search Listings

Google uses hundreds of different factors to determine a website’s ranking, ranging from backlink quantity and quality of domain age, content and brand name mentions. However, one of the lesser-known ranking signals used by the Google is click-through rate (CTR). The more people who click your listing, the higher yourRead More

conversion killers

Top 8 Conversion Killers for Websites

Converting a visitor into a paying customer takes a lot of work! You’ll need to attract them to your website, and then nurture them through the sales process. Of course, you’ll want to avoid making these 8 “conversion-killing” mistakes. 1) Irrelevancy Between Search Keyword and Content Relevancy between the keyword thatRead More

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Are You Guilty of Making these Landing Page Copywriting Mistakes

It’s frustrating when you invest your time, labor and resources into creating a custom landing page, only for it to generate few-to-no sales. Landing pages differ from traditional websites in the sense that they have one primary goal: to generate sales. When it doesn’t fulfill this objective, you may feelRead More

Bad Idea Road Sign, SEO Mistakes

Are These 5 SEO Mistakes Hurting Your Site’s Rankings?

The art of search engine optimization can be tricky — overlooking one or two items on your SEO checklist can severely damage your search engine rankings and, consequently, cause you to lose potential visitors. Here are a few of the most common mistakes made and how to avoid them. UsingRead More

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Google’s PageRank Is Dead. Now What?

If you use a web browser toolbar to analyze key metrics of the webpages that you visit, you may have noticed something different: PageRank data is no longer being displayed. PageRank: The Basics PageRank is an algorithmic formula with roots dating back to the origins of Google itself. It wasRead More

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Building Backlinks: Tips for SEO Success

Google is constantly changing the algorithm it uses to rank websites. Experts estimate that it makes several hundred changes to its search ranking algorithm every year. But one of the most influential factors that determine where and how a website ranks is backlinks. So, what’s the best way to goRead More

google home page . google-friendly site

4 Tips for Creating a Google-Friendly Site

Processing more than 100 billion searches every month, Google remains the world’s leading search engine. While Bing is slowly but surely trending in the right direction, there are no signs of the Microsoft-owned search engine overtaking Google anytime soon. So if you’re a webmaster, you should focus your optimization effortsRead More

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How to Make Your Website More Searchable by Google

To say there are a lot of searches performed on Google would be an understatement. While the Mountain View company rarely discloses this type of information, Amit Singhal, Google’s Senior Vice President, revealed in 2012 that it crawls some 20 billion websites per day and processes roughly 100 billion searchesRead More

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking

It’s no secret that high-ranking websites receive more traffic than their low-ranking counterparts. And when there’s more traffic coming to your site, you’ll have an easier time generating sales and conversions; it’s just that simple. Unfortunately, obtaining a top search ranking for your site’s target keywords is easier said thanRead More

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Common Website Mistakes Made by 1st-Time Webmasters

So, you’re planning to launch your first website? Whether your goal is to sell a product, sell a service, or just establish greater recognition for your respective brand, a website can help you achieve these goals and more. However, you’ll want to avoid making the following website mistakes. Choosing aRead More