October, 2015

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refund calculator

How to Lower Your Refund Request Rate

Whether your business sells a physical or digital product, you are going to have customers who request a refund. In a perfect world, every customer would be happy with his or her order. But unfortunately this isn’t the case, as some will request a refund. So, how do you dealRead More

Google Adwords Audience Insights

Google Announces New Features for Adwords Display Network

Are you advertising on Google Adwords? If not, you should be. The search engine giant’s paid, self-serving ad platform allows small business owners to promote their products and services to millions of users. While many advertisers focus their Adwords campaigns strictly on the Search Network, Google has recently announced severalRead More

tags for infusionsoft campaigns

What are Infusionsoft Tags and How do They Work?

Infusionsoft remains one of the leading solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) software. Originally founded in 2001 by Scott and Eric Martineau and Clate Mask, its signature product offers a combination of email marketing, sales automation, client management, e-commerce and more — all within a single, convenient interface. To takeRead More

the value of customer retention sign

Value of New vs Returning Customers

Regardless of the business, customers can generally be broken down into one of two different categories: new or returning customers. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to attract new customers to your establishment, you shouldn’t neglect those who have already made a purchase. In this post, we’re going to takeRead More

Is a High Bounce Rate Killing Your Conversions?

When you’re busy analyzing metrics like unique visits, returning visits, and click-through-rates, it’s easy to overlook bounce rate. However, bounce rate plays a key role in a website’s conversions. If your site has a high bounce rate, it’s usually indicative of a more serious underlying problem that, if left unfixed,Read More

facebook verified symbol

Facebook Introduces New Verified Badges for Pages

Facebook unveiled a new verification system for Pages earlier this month in which verified Pages will display a badge. So, what are the benefits of having your Facebook Page verified? With hundreds of thousands of Facebook Pages — and more being created each day — users often struggle to findRead More

referral partners business handshake

What are ‘Referral Partners’ in Infusionsoft?

Referrals is a powerful yet often overlooked feature within the Infusionsoft ecosystem. Whether your goal is to sell a physical product, sell a digital product, produce leads, or even generate newsletter signups, you can boost your conversions by recruiting referral partners. To learn more about this feature and how itRead More

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Tips to Avoid Triggering the Spam Filter with Your Marketing Emails

Email has revolutionized the way in which companies promote their products and services. Using this platform, brands can advertise to prospective customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. However, one of the hurdles faced by business owners who wish to use email for this purpose isRead More

multicolored open email envelopes

Ways to Boost Email Open Rates

Open rate is a direct indication of an email marketing campaign’s success or failure. You can blast your promotional emails to tens of thousands of prospective customers, but it’s not going to yield any benefit unless the recipients actually open them. So, what steps can you take to boost yourRead More

marketing strategies graphic for infusionsoft

Tips on Using Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

One of the most notable features of Infusionsoft is the campaign builder tool. Using this tool, entrepreneurs and small business owners can set up a sales funnel, guiding visitors through the checkout process. If you really want to take advantage of Infusionsoft’s campaign builder, however, you should check out theRead More