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Visual Content Ideas for Your Blog or Website

Content is the backbone of every popular and successful website. But while you can always create text-based content, there are other, more visually captivating alternatives available. So if you’re looking to make your blog or website stand out, check out the following types of visual content. Infographics Infographics have becomeRead More

Video: Using Infusionsoft to Handle Job Applications and Interviews

If you are like most businesses, you have Human Resource needs. But, did you know you can use Infusionsoft to handle HR tasks eliminating manual work and saving you time?By creating a campaign in Infusionsoft, you can automate the process of: Receiving online applications. Requesting applicant resumes. Scheduling interviews. Creating offerRead More

widgets icon, customize infusionsoft dashboard

Customizing Your Infusionsoft Dashboard

Tired of looking at the same generic dashboard each time you log in to Infusionsoft? The popular customer relationship management (CRM) software allows users to customize their homepage dashboard using a variety of widgets. Much like WordPress has interchangeable widgets, so does Infusionsoft. So today we’re going to reveal theRead More

landing page cell phones

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page

Call-To-Action Above the Fold Where is the call-to-action (CTA) located on your landing page? The golden rule when designing a landing page is to place the CTA above the fold, meaning the visitor does not have to scroll down to see or click the CTA. If your CTA is placedRead More