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Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

Creating a successful landing page requires a different approach than standard/traditional websites. Landing pages have one primary goal in mind: to entice visitors to take action. Whether you are selling a physical product, digital product, service, or just collecting email addresses, you’ll want to optimize your landing page for theRead More

Is a High Bounce Rate Killing Your Conversions?

When you’re busy analyzing metrics like unique visits, returning visits, and click-through-rates, it’s easy to overlook bounce rate. However, bounce rate plays a key role in a website’s conversions. If your site has a high bounce rate, it’s usually indicative of a more serious underlying problem that, if left unfixed,Read More

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The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page

Does your landing page suffer from a low conversion rate? It’s disheartening when you invest your time, energy and resources into designing a landing page, only to discover that visitors aren’t actually purchasing your product or service. That’s why today we’re going to outline the key components to a high-convertingRead More

Custom Tags You Should be Using in Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft allows users to label and categorize their contact records by applying tags. This is arguably one of the most attractive features of the software, as it opens the doors to powerful new opportunities. Rather than sending generic promotional emails to all of your past customers, for instance, you canRead More