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Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

Creating a successful landing page requires a different approach than standard/traditional websites. Landing pages have one primary goal in mind: to entice visitors to take action. Whether you are selling a physical product, digital product, service, or just collecting email addresses, you’ll want to optimize your landing page for the highest conversion rate possible.

Use the Right Colors

Don’t underestimate the impact color has on your landing page’s conversion rate. Many of the leading online retailers use bright orange or red to create a sense of urgency.

According to the folks at CrazyEgg, red causes visitors’ hearts to beat faster by activating their pituitary gland. Subsequently, this may cause them to take action without fully thinking about what they are doing. Purple is an excellent choice for landing pages and websites that primarily target the female demographic.

Design Call-to-Action with Contrasting Colors

When designing the CTA for your landing page, use contrasting colors in which the CTA color contrasts with the color of your website. This will make your CTA pop with a higher level of visibility, and when visitors have an easier time spotting the CTA, it will have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

Eliminate Unnecessary Links

There’s nothing wrong with sprinkling some relevant links in your landing page, but you should keep them to a minimum. For every additional link you include — that’s not a step in the conversion process — it creates an outlet through which visitors can leave without taking action. This is why some of the best landing pages consist of nothing more than a big red button along with a short copy of text or video.

Split Test Multiple Designs

Even if you have a profitable, high-converting landing page, there’s always room for improvement. You can improve your conversion rate by split testing multiple landing page designs side-by-side, seeing which one outperforms the other.

Making subtle changes to the design, such as a different color scheme, different font size or style, or even different wording can yield huge differences in conversions. After allowing the two landing page variants to run for a week or so, delete the losing variant and replace it with a new one. Rinse and repeat this cycle indefinitely to improve your conversion rate.

Conduct a Usability Test

What is a usability test and why is it important for landing page conversions?

A usability test is exactly what it sounds like: a test that’s done to check the usability of a website, or in this case a landing page. Essentially, you want to place yourself in the shoes of a typical visitor, clicking on the CTA and following through with the conversion process to ensure everything is working as intended.

Have any other landing page design tips that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions
Landing pages have a different purpose than your standard web pages - to get visitors to take action. Follow these tips to improve conversions.

2 Comments to Tips to Improve Landing Page Conversions

  1. Julita M. says:

    Keep your landing page clean and inviting. Do not overload it with too much information or people may become overwhelmed.

  2. Horace Valdeze says:

    Be sure to include a social media stream or links to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts for people to follow. This will show that you are active in social media which means you are interested in starting a conversation with your audience.

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