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How to Use SNAP by Infusionsoft to Quickly Load Contacts

We have all gone to a conference only to come home with a handful of business cards. If you are like most business owners, you see these business cards as potential customers! So, what do you do with them now? Let’s take a look at how you can use InfusionsoftRead More

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Tips on Using Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

One of the most notable features of Infusionsoft is the campaign builder tool. Using this tool, entrepreneurs and small business owners can set up a sales funnel, guiding visitors through the checkout process. If you really want to take advantage of Infusionsoft’s campaign builder, however, you should check out theRead More

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Video: How Do I Create a Campaign in Infusionsoft?

  One of Infustionsoft’s greatest features is its Campaign Builder. We use the Campaign Builder to easily create automated campaigns. Once you create a campaign, Infusionsoft takes care of sending the appropriate messages to recipients and / or tagging them, based on the instructions you added to the campaign –Read More

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Video: How To Create Loops in Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

Creating “loops” is a great way to streamline your Infusionsoft campaigns, automating certain processes so you aren’t forced to manually do them by hand. While there’s no rule saying you must use loops in your campaigns, it will almost certainly prove beneficial in the long run. Infusionsoft places an emphasisRead More