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Infusionsoft Named ‘Winner’ on CRM Watchlist

The popular tech news and industry insights website Zdnet has published its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Watchlist for 2015. While there are dozens of different CRM providers on the market, only two were named as “winners” on the Watchlist: Coveo and Infusionsoft. A Little Bit About Infusionsoft Founded in 2001Read More

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How Infusionsoft Can Help Grow Your Business

It’s estimated that more than half of all small businesses fail in their first five years of being operational. Statistics such as this reveal the grueling nature of running a business in today’s day and age. But there are certain tools that can give you the upper hand, such asRead More

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What are ‘Referral Partners’ in Infusionsoft?

Referrals is a powerful yet often overlooked feature within the Infusionsoft ecosystem. Whether your goal is to sell a physical product, sell a digital product, produce leads, or even generate newsletter signups, you can boost your conversions by recruiting referral partners. To learn more about this feature and how itRead More

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Tell-Tale Signs You Need a CRMs

Still haven’t implemented customer relationship management (CRMs) software for your business’s website? If you think a CRMs is an unnecessary expense that offers little-to-no benefit in return, think again. Here are some tell-tale signs that your business needs CRM. You Are Sending Follow-Up Emails Manually Given all of the versatileRead More