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How Infusionsoft Can Help Grow Your Business

It’s estimated that more than half of all small businesses fail in their first five years of being operational. Statistics such as this reveal the grueling nature of running a business in today’s day and age.

But there are certain tools that can give you the upper hand, such as the customer relationship management (CRM) software Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft’s Easy to Use Campaign Builder

The bread and butter of Infusionsoft is its campaign builder. Using this tool, small business owners can create customized marketing campaigns that are tailored towards specific audiences. Infusionsoft isn’t the first CRM provider to offer a campaign builder, but it’s certainly one of the easiest to use. Whether you are experienced with HTML, PHP, CSS, etc., you should have no problem building effective marketing campaigns.

It’s all done in a convenient visual editor, eliminating the need for messing with complicated code. And if you need help learning the ropes of the campaign builder, Infusionsoft has dozens of tutorial videos published on its website.

Automated Marketing

There’s really no reason why any small business owner or entrepreneur should be manually sending emails to their prospective clients and customers. Infusionsoft streamlines this process by automating your email campaigns. Once you’ve set up your automated email campaigns, they will automatically be sent when a user performs a specified “trigger” as indicated in your campaign. 

This trigger may consist of actions like adding a product to their shopping cart but abandoning it before checking out, or simply signing up for your primary newsletter. Each time a specified trigger occurs, the email associated with that trigger will be sent.

High Deliverability Rates

Ask any seasoned email marketer and he or she will agree: the success to an email marketing campaign relies heavily on the deliverability rate. In other words, your emails need to land in recipients’ inbox instead of their spam folder (or get rejected). Infusionsoft has a surprisingly high deliverability rate, meaning more of your marketing emails will end up where they are supposed to.

Of course, there are other steps you can to increase the deliverability rate of your emails, such as using double opt-in lists and following through with your promises by sending content to your subscribers.

Technical/Customer Support

Need help building your Infusionsoft campaigns (or anything else associated with the software for that matter)? Many CRM platforms have lackluster support. Once you sign up and purchase the software or service, they are nowhere to be found.

With Infusionsoft, though, you can rest assured knowing that support is just a phone call or email away. They place an emphasis on customer satisfaction, with a fully trained support team ready to answer all of your questions. Just check out their contact page for more details on how to reach them.

Do you use Infusionsoft? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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How Infusionsoft Can Help Grow Your Business
Infusionsoft offers many features that make it easy to connect with customers by creating automated email campaigns, high delivery rates and more.

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