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Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Successfully marketing a small business is no easy task.  According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are more than 27 million small businesses operating in the United States. With such steep competition, it’s difficult for startups to make a name for themselves. So today we’re going to take a look at some of the most common marketing mistakes made by small businesses. Avoiding these mistakes is the first step towards success.

The good news is that most of these tactics don’t require a big budget, so if you can avoid these mistakes, you’ll find your marketing efforts can be affordable and successful!

No Social Media Presence

In today’s networked world, there’s really no reason why any business should not have an active social media presence. Facebook alone receives more than 1.3 billion unique visits each month, many of whom are eager to ‘like’ and share promotional posts. As a business owner, you can use this to your advantage by maintaining a Facebook page that’s dedicated to your brand. With that said, there are plenty of other social media networks that are worth using, including Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Lack of Communication With Customers

Another all-too-common marketing mistake made by small businesses is failing to communicate with their customers. When a customer asks a question, makes a comment, etc., try to get into the habit of responding to him or her in a timely manner. Turning a blind eye to customer comments may lead to negative reviews, which can be disastrous for businesses. Such problems are easily avoided, however, by responding to customers whenever they ask a question or make a comment. If someone makes a negative comment, try to view it as an opportunity to turn it around and remedy the issue caused the negative comment.

Website Has Low Ranking in Search Engines

Where does your website rank for its target keyword in the search engines? Studies have shown that a website’s search ranking plays a direct role in the level of trust visitors have in it. Therefore, small businesses should constantly work to optimize their websites for higher search rankings. This is done through off-site practices (e.g. building links and mentioning website URL), as well as on-site tactics (e.g. using appropriate titles and Meta description). Combining these two practices will improve your search rankings, and thus make your website more trustworthy in the eyes of customers.

Poor Branding

As a small business, your brand is everything. It’s the way in which customers associate your business’s name with the products and/or services it offers. Unfortunately, far too many small business owners neglect the otherwise simple task of branding, assuming it offers no real benefit in terms of sales. In doing so, they create a disconnect among their target audience, hurting their marketing efforts in the long run. Whenever you create a new social media account, website, or produce any media material for your business, include brand elements like your logo, tagline, and name. Over time, customers will begin to associate these elements with your business, at which point you’ll reap the benefits of increased sales.

What small business marketing mistakes are you guilty of making? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Small Business Marketing Mistakes
Marketing for small businesses can be challenging - they don't have multi-million dollar (or in some case any) budgets for marketing. Make sure you're not making these common marketing mistakes.

3 Comments to Small Business Marketing Mistakes

  1. Mark says:

    Unfortunately, we’re guilty of having an outdated website. I’m just now realizing how detrimental this is for our company. While we generate most of our business through referrals, I believe we are missing a lot of opportunity by having an outdated website with low search engine rankings.

  2. Diane says:

    I think a lot of companies are guilty of the website mistake. I recently accepted a sales position for an online marketing company and am shocked at how many companies are using outdated websites and lacking any type of SEO strategy.

  3. Sherri says:

    When I arrived at my current company, there was a significant lack of communication with customers. Over the past few years, we’ve worked really hard to improve our customer communication and I think it’s had a remarkable impact on our bottom line.

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