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How to Create Custom Fields in Infusionsoft

Custom fields are used to store contact information that is specific to your business. The Infusionsoft software already has some generic data fields that users can apply to their contacts, including phone number, email address, street address, website, etc. But if you want to include different information for one orRead More

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Infusionsoft Named ‘Winner’ on CRM Watchlist

The popular tech news and industry insights website Zdnet has published its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Watchlist for 2015. While there are dozens of different CRM providers on the market, only two were named as “winners” on the Watchlist: Coveo and Infusionsoft. A Little Bit About Infusionsoft Founded in 2001Read More

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Customizing Your Infusionsoft Dashboard

Tired of looking at the same generic dashboard each time you log in to Infusionsoft? The popular customer relationship management (CRM) software allows users to customize their homepage dashboard using a variety of widgets. Much like WordPress has interchangeable widgets, so does Infusionsoft. So today we’re going to reveal theRead More

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Reducing Customer Returns for E-Commerce Stores

If you own or manage an e-commerce store, you’ll going to have customers who wish to return their purchased product. No matter how hard you try to prevent it, some customers simply won’t be satisfied with their order, at which point they’ll contact you asking for a refund. A coupleRead More

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Social Media Marketing Tips for the Holidays

There’s no better time line the holiday season to ramp up your brand’s social media marketing efforts. With more people taking time off work — and using that time to shop online — business owners can leverage the power of social media to attract new customers and generate more sales.Read More

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Landing Page Optimization Tips and Tricks

Landing pages differ from standard websites in the sense they have one primary goal: to generate sales or conversions. While other websites are used to establish authority, create greater brand awareness, convey content, etc., a landing page is used strictly for sales and conversions. As a result, optimizing it requiresRead More

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How to Configure Email SPF Records in Infusionsoft

In a previous blog post we discussed some of the most common reasoned for bounced emails, one of which being incorrect SPF records. If your marketing emails are being rejected due to incorrect SPF records, you’ll need to configure them to ensure a high rate of successful delivery. Unfortunately, thisRead More

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What Causes ‘Bounced’ Emails?

Maintaining a high rate of successful delivery is paramount for email marketing. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for emails to bounce, preventing the intended recipient from seeing them. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that a high email bounce rate will negatively impact your conversions. So, what causes emails toRead More

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Should I Offer Free Shipping on My E-Commerce Website?

From Zappos and eBags to Target and Wal-Mart, thousands of online retailers offer free shipping. The allure of having a product shipped directly to your doorstep at no additional charge is often enough to entice consumers to make a purchase. But from a retailer’s standpoint, you have to weigh theRead More