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The 5-Step Process To Building an Infusionsoft Campaign

Step #1) Identify Your Goals and Objectives The first step in launching a successful Infusionsoft campaign is to identify your goals and objects. Ask yourself, what do I hope to accomplish with this campaign? One of the great things about Infusionsoft is its versatility. It can be used to sellRead More

A Little About Us

Remember the infamous line, “If you build it, he will come,” from the Kevin Costner baseball movie? It was true for the movie (famous dead ball players came to play on his “Field of Dreams” in an Iowa cornfield). Unfortunately, building something great doesn’t guarantee customers will come to yourRead More

Why Choose Infusionsoft over Other CRMs?

Why Choose Infusionsoft over Other CRMs? In a nutshell, most other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems on the market specialize in one or two aspects of managing business relationships (email management, automated marketing, sales, e-commerce, or relationship management). Infusionsoft is a robust, full-service automation system that includes a multitude ofRead More

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Use Infusionsoft Tags to Manage People

Use Infusionsoft Tags to Manage People Do you hire contractors and temporary employees, but struggle with how to manage their details? Although not immediately evident, Infusionsoft can be a great tool for managing these resources, as well as permanent employees. For example, say you occasionally hire a graphic designer toRead More

5 Crucial Steps for Infusionsoft Setup Success

Infusionsoft is not precisely a piece-of-cake to setup, but its worth the effort. My objective is to provide you with a guideline on how to structure your Infusionsoft foundation properly the first time. This is a beginners’ outline, but at the same time,  it’s intended to nudge you to considerRead More

Which strategy will prove best for your E-mail Marketing: Double Opt-In or Single Opt-In?

There are few issues in the e-mail marketing which always trigger a debate such as “should you make use of single opt-in or double opt-in when you register the fresh e-mail subscribers?” Different kinds of businesses have different needs and requirements and to help you decide which one will proveRead More