Video: Create Online Custom Price Quotes with Infusionsoft!

Did You Know You Can Use Infusionsoft to Create Customized Price Quotes?

If you offer a service, like website development, you are familiar with the bidding process. But what do you do after you’re awarded the bid? Let’s take a look at how you can use Infusionsoft to create an online payment quote with custom pricing. Customers can then just pay online.

We walk you through it in this video.

Talk About a Simple Process!

First, you need to locate the contact record in Infusionsoft. Then, follow these simple steps and you are on the road to being paid!

  1. Find the contact record.
  2. Click the $ button (Quotes and Orders).
  3. Next, click the Add Quote button.
  4. Under the Product heading, find the service that needs the custom price.
  5. In the Price field, enter the new price. You can also add comments, update the description and change the quantity if needed.
  6. Click Send Quote.
  7. Under the Payment Options heading, select to require an online payment.
  8. Edit the email if needed.
  9. Click Send.

What Now?

Infusionsoft sends an email to your client with custom pricing. Your client clicks the View My Quote button to review your custom pricing and pays!

Using Infusionsoft, you just simplified the process of sending clients custom pricing they can pay online.

Need More Information?

So, you know how to send an online payment quote with custom pricing to your client, but you need a little more help. No problem! We are an Infusionsoft Certified Partner — we can help!

Contact us to learn more about how Infusionsoft can save you time and money while increasing your sales!

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